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About Palingenesis Properties

Breaking the Norm

Why We Are Different

Palingenesis Properties stands out with our unique expertise as both luxury home builders and electrical contractors in the renewable energy industry, allowing us to integrate cutting-edge energy-efficient technologies into our homes. We guarantee the highest level of energy efficiency on the market, creating sustainable and luxurious living spaces that minimize environmental impact and optimize long-term savings.

Where We Are Located

Our company headquarters is located in McKinney, Tx. However we definitely aren't bounded by our location, we can, and have, built homes for clients all across the lone star state.

Company Values

We value elegance, freedom and trust. In today's time you can be wealthy but not free. With our homes we aim to provide both. By trusting us to build high-end and self-sustaining homes we can provide that freedom.








House Plans

Coyote Base Plan

Contemporary, Modern, Dark

Summit Plan

Modern, Luxury, Light


The Palingenesis Process

  • 01
    Finalize and Sign
  • 02
  • 03
  • 04
    Water Proofing
In the first step we will guide you in choosing your plan set whether from our list of plans or creating one from scratch. If deciding on property you will choose from our list here in this step as well. Then you will sign needed documents and pay the initial deposit. From here we will submit permits for approval and then schedule to break ground.
This phase focuses on the foundation, laying a strong and stable base for your home.
This phase involves the framing, creating the skeleton of your residence.
As soon as the frame is up, we move to the next phase, waterproofing the home as soon as the frame is up in order to protect it from the elements.
  • 05
  • 06
    Closing Up
  • 07
    Final Touch-Ups
  • 08
    Inspect & Finalize
In this phase, all utility systems are meticulously installed, both on the interior and exterior, ensuring seamless functionality.
This phase encompasses the closing up of the interior and exterior spaces, bringing your home to life.
As we move to this phase, we prepare for the final touch-ups, ensuring every detail is perfected.
The final phase is the most exciting as we showcase the completed home to you. You have the opportunity to bring in an inspector of your choice to confirm the quality control of the new home build, providing you with the utmost confidence in the finished product.
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